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Leaving fake reviews on Amazon is dishonest, unfair and can lead to costly purchasing mistakes for customers. Although Amazon takes a dim view of these reviews and does it's best to remove them (including removing persistent users), some do, unfortunately, slip through the net. You can help to keep your own purchasing safe using the above processes and tools – as well as keeping Amazon fake-free for other customers by reporting fake reviews to Amazon. To boost visibility of products which have just been listed

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As wonderful as the internet can be, it also lies to us every day. Fake reviews-seemingly legitimate assessments created by a seller or someone paid by them-are becoming harder to spot. With online shopping continuing to skyrocket(Opens in a new window), fake reviews are big business, but they can end up costing you serious money. Editors' Note 7/18: Fakespot says Apple removed its iOS app upon request from Amazon.

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Ways to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews How many Amazon reviews are fake?

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